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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This section contains answers to Frequently Asked Questions or questions and answers most of which are not directly within the scope of either the 1993 (Chandler) allegations part or the 2005 (Arvizo) allegations part, but are generally related to these allegations.

  • I read the FBI has evidence that Michael Jackson had paid off dozens of young boys to silence them after he had sexually abused them. Is that true?

No, it is not true. It was a British tabloid’s claim in 2013 and it is demonstrably false. Details in this article.

Another variation of this rumour has re-surfaced after Stacy Brown (a journalist who harbors a long standing hostility towards Michael Jackson and even his children) made claims in a tabloid about Jackson supposedly paying $200 million to 20 victims during his lifetime. This allegation then spread through the media like wild fire in early April of 2015 – and even the non-tabloid mainstream media uncritically republished it as if it was a fact. However, no matter how many times a lie is repeated it still remains a lie. For details see our article entitled The Persistent but Untrue Media Myth of Michael Jackson Paying Off Dozens of Families.

  • “Hush money” myth #3: Did Michael Jackson pay “hush-money” to a family in Brazil in 2003?

No. This is a “hush-money” claim that was made with the attempt of blackmailing Jackson into a settlement during a legal dispute over money with one of his former associates. The associate made this claim to threaten Jackson with bad publicity and to try to make him settle the case. Jackson, however, refused to settle the case and evidence presented in court showed that there was nothing from a factual point of view to corroborate this claim. Extensive investigation of bank accounts, ledgers and other documentation showed no traces of such a payment ever to have even happened and the associate who made the claim changed his story several times. Details.

  • Is it true that Jordan Chandler publicly confessed after Michael Jackson’s death that Jackson did not molest him?

No, it is not true. The rumor that after the singer’s death Jordan Chandler publicly confessed that he was not molested by Jackson was an Internet hoax. Privately, allegedly, he confessed to some people that his allegations against Jackson were not true, but it was never confirmed by him publicly and he has never spoken about the case publicly.


  • Why did Jackson settle with his first accuser out of court if he was innocent?

The Settlement that Jackson signed with his first accuser in January 1994 is interpreted by some people as a sign of guilt in itself. However, it is a more complicated issue than that. You can read about the Settlement and its reasons in detail in this article.

Jackson also signed a Settlement with Jason Francia in 1994. Again, this in itself does not mean that Francia’s allegations were true, as indeed Jason Francia was not found credible when he testified at Jackson’s 2005 criminal trial. You can read about his allegations, how they emerged and his 2005 testimony in this article.

  • Has there ever been any child pornography found in Michael Jackson’s possession?

No. The possession of child pornography is illegal and a crime in itself. Despite extensive searches on his homes both in the 1993 and the 2005 case, nothing illegal has ever been found in Jackson’s possession and he was never charged with the possession of anything illegal.


A full survey of the books, magazines, DVDs and Internet material found in Jackson’s home

  • I read that Michael Jackson’s semen found on magazines with nude children. Is that true?

No. That is just another Internet folklore that is easily debunked when you know the details of the trial.


  • What about Jackson’s sharing his bedroom with unrelated children?

This issue has often been misrepresented by the media. The picture they paint of Jackson is of a predator who lured children into his bedroom while keeping away their parents. In reality, Jackson’s two-story bedroom was a gathering place for families and friends, and the parents and families of the children were allowed to stay there, as well as the children.


  • Did Jackson only befriend young boys?

No. A large portion of the media and the prosecution tried to portray Jackson as someone who was obsessed with young boys. In reality, Jackson almost always befriended families and not just any children, and the young people around him were of both genders.


  • Grooming or a generous heart?

This section is dedicated to articles, stories and comments about Michael Jackson’s interactions with various children, adults and families. While this at first glance has nothing to do with the allegations against him, we felt the need to include these stories, because Jackson’s accusers, the prosecution and the media have often turned innocent gestures and the general generosity of the star into a “grooming of young boys” story with the intent of sexually abusing them. As you will see Jackson was very giving and generous with everyone – children, adults, girls and boys alike – and what the prosecution attempted to portray as the “grooming of young boys” was not limited to his treatment of young boys at all, but he behaved like that with everyone he considered a friend or even complete strangers.


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